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While no one would describe me as a classic type A individual, I do have a very full schedule that keeps me going at a good pace on most days. I get up in the morning and start planning my workday, organizing the tasks I need to get done. Often there will be a sticky note where I sit and drink coffee with a list of things my spouse thinks need to get done. Then I’m done thinking about all that stuff, and it’s on to actually doing them.

But last week, on my drive to work, I managed to step back from the urgency of now and recognize the amazing fall colors that I had been driving past without more than a passing thought. I stopped and took some pictures on my phone (not while driving), and I’m sharing them now. Please take a moment and enjoy them with me.

Fall trees along a path

Red fall leaves

Fall leaves in Minnesota

Fall trees in a field

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

How to Turn a Simple Tray

Turned serving tray
Richard Raffan of the American Association of Woodturners explains the process he uses for turning a small, simple tray on the lathe.

VIDEO: Track Saw Overview

Chris Marshall explains the basics of track saws and why you might need one. Then he gives tips on how to properly use them in your workshop.

Project: Slatted Trivet

Trivet project with inlaid slats
Build an attractive kitchen helper that will come in handy for holiday dining!

Premium Project: Hexagonal Table Lamp

Band sawn table lamp
This casual contemporary lamp can be used as a table lamp or as a desk lamp.

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