Shiskabobbing My Uvula

00:00:34 – Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
00:00:42 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers and YouTube Members!
00:02:10 – Tee Shirt PreOrder ends Oct 31st and taper maker is for sale now!

00:07:05 – How often do you use the measuring tape on the miter station t-track?
00:08:30 – Happy Anniversary Spagnuolos!
00:11:43 – How much warping happens when lumber is air-dried vertically?
00:13:38 – How would you exhaust a room dedicated for spraying / finishing?
00:15:48 – What is the purpose of the inserts in a router table?
00:16:55 – How much of the bit needs to be in the collett?
00:18:05 – How can I learn more about the “why” in woodworking?
00:22:00 – Does Tasmanian blackwood compare to walnut?
00:22:45 – How do you make end grain look like it’s not laminated?
00:24:13 – When do you go with “quick and dirty” overdoing it “properly”?
00:26:40 – Do every inch of projects need to be finished or do you leave interiors and corners?
00:28:15 – Is walnut safe for furniture for pets?
00:30:40 – What’s the best way to store plans where they’re not going to rust?
00:32:10 – Woodworker’s Fighting Cancer update. We reached our goal!
00:33:23 – How does the guild discount work for the Roubo build?
00:33:50 – Is Bell Forrest doing a black Friday sale against this year?
00:35:20 – How deep should a dowel joint go?
00:37:30 – Do you have a video of applying Rubio to furniture?
00:40:30 – Do you have a detail on the different spokeshaves on the wall?
00:42:37 – How do you protect your phone/camera/electronics in the shop?
00:43:47 – How can you stop the floor moving in your shop?

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