Multitasking is a Myth – The Wood Whisperer

00:00:43 – Welcome to the Woodworking Morning Show
00:01:00 – Social media musings – Rocky Mountain Sawblades
00:05:45 – Nicole’s mug
00:06:17 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers and YouTube Members!
00:07:55 – When’s the beginner project coming out?
00:09:25 – Do you flatten the whole back of a plane iron or just the tip?
00:10:23 – Do you have any opinions on butternut? How is it to work with?
00:11:25 – How can I apply Rubio to a handrail that’s attached to the wall?
00:12:50 – How does a hybrid woodworker incorporate hand planes?
00:14:55 – Have you tried the 3M Cubitron sandpaper?
00:16:05 – What spray primer can I use for under a tinted pre-catalyzed lacquer?
00:18:30 – What is the fingernail cutter bit that Philip used in the Lounge Chair?
00:19:30 – How can I keep my woodworking paperwork organized?
00:21:10 – What wood can I use to make my own wooden clamps?
00:21:42 – What’s the best way to dry and store lumber?
00:22:50 – Can I replace the L fence in Philip Morley’s videos with a flush-trim bit?
00:25:25 – Any suggestions on how to keep my cut line clear when using a jigsaw?
00:27:18 – How do you rank the projects on your to-do list and choose which to work on?
00:32:10 – Can you recommend any sources on designing pieces to be more proportional?
00:35:25 – Got my Essential Joinery book in the mail. Thanks!
00:36:10 – How can I fix a film finish that is flaking?
00:37:28 – Do you ever make scale models of your furniture first?
00:38:30 – When is the “Non-Essential Joinery” book coming out?
00:39:05 – What’s your opinion on scraping planes vs cabinet scrapers?
00:39:55 – Where do you buy your lumber?
00:40:50 – Will oil-based finishes change the tone of woods like purpleheart?
00:41:25 – When are you recording the audiobook versions of your books?
00:42:20 – How can you sand the little details in a scroll saw project?

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