How Do You Say, Who Cares?

00:00:43 – Welcome to the Woodworking Morning Show
00:02:54 – Thanks to our new Patreon subscribers and YouTube Members!
00:03:25 – Sale Announcement
00:04:50 – How did you decide what piece to glue in the domino connectors?
00:06:00 – What brand HVLP do you recommend?
00:07:25 – Would an outdoor tabletop last if I finish it with deep penetrating epoxy?
00:09:40 – What do you topcoat a tung oil with, if anything?
00:10:50 – Are there any plans to write another book?
00:13:20 – For the gaming table, is it ok if the legs are closer to 3″ milled?
00:15:00 – How can I repair a jewelry box that bowed so badly, the drawers no longer close?

Jewelry Box

00:19:50 – What’s your favorite method to fill oak pores?
00:21:10 – How do you like your mini-split?
00:22:43 – What’s the best way to give you support?
00:23:40 – What brand mini-split do you use?
00:24:35 – What are your thoughts on CNC vs handcrafted?
00:26:45 – What’s a good sander with a point that you can recommend?
00:27:40 – Do I need to wet the grain before finishing if using a card scraper?
00:29:15 – Do you announce the winners of this week’s guild project?
00:31:20 – Can you go over your zero clearance insert for your miter saw?
00:32:35 – Have you experimented with the Rubio colored versions?
00:33:45 – Do you use a respirator at all when using hand tools?
00:34:35 – Do you like your T1-11 wall?
00:35:30 – New guild project pre-order. Until 1/31
00:36:47 – Can I use reclaimed lumber for my workbench?
00:37:45 – What tools are must-haves to complete a guild project?
00:39:25 – How long do you let your glue dry before jointing and planing?
00:41:15 – How can I make economical 2×2’s?
00:43:15 – What’s the best wood for an outdoor barbecue frame?
00:44:22 – Do you have any experience with building quilt racks?
00:46:05 – Why are my glue up clamps lose in the morning?

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