Baby Face Marc | Morning Show

00:00:38 – Good morning, it’s the Woodworking Morning Show
00:01:20 – Thanks to our Patreon subscribers and YouTube Members!
00:02:55 – Guild project sale runs till Monday!
00:06:10 – Amazon holiday gift guide
00:10:05 – Slime stain!
00:14:20 – How do I adjust the guidepost on the PM1500?
00:16:25 – MagSwitch fence for drill press
MagSwitch Fence System – Pre-sale special pricing, plus an extra 15% off with my code “Marc”.
Ships in April 2021. Pre-sale ends Dec 23rd.
(Small version and Pro)
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Attn: European viewers
00:24:15 – How can I finish wood to mimic 200 year old weathering?
00:26:10 – How can I resize a drawer after I finished it?
00:28:30 – Can I glue the bottom of a box to the bottom without a rabbet?
00:30:40 – Can jointer / planer knives be too far gone to resharpen?
00:32:25 – Is prefinished a panel ever necessary?
00:34:55 – Will stain adhear to epoxy?
00:35:45 – Do I need to edge band plywood if I’m just going to paint it?
00:37:10 – When does the video for the outfeed table come out?
00:38:18 – How long can you wait to assembly after glue sizing?
00:40:45 – Can you veneer an MDF panel without a vacuum press?
00:43:10 – What is Nicole’s role in the business?
00:44:40 – Can Marc sign my tee shirt?
00:45:30 – What’s your favorite way to secure glass panels to a frame?
00:47:05 – Any thoughts on Rocker’s HVLP?
00:48:10 – What species of plywood accepts paint well?
00:49:20 – Any tips for running hickory through a router table?
00:50:15 – How should I finish my Roubo?
00:51:30 – What kind of dust collection would you recommend for a 9′ x 9′ shop?
00:52:50 – How long should tenons be on a knockdown workbench?
00:54:05 – What is your live show schedule?
00:55:30 – What is the future of WoodTalk?
00:56:10 – Should you scuff up the finish for a good glue joint on plywood?
00:57:25 – Are there any sponsored discount changes coming in the future?
00:59:00 – Have you ever had an impulse purchase that turned out to be a great buy?
01:00:00 – Is this the last show of the year?
01:01:13 – MLCS router bowl templates
01:03:28 – Goodwill online auction plug
01:06:44 – What’s the best way to clean a glue bot?
01:08:30 – Were you doing woodworking as a job before becoming a YouTuber or did it come from a hobby?

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