Tape Measures – TWW Live

00:00:32 – Sander Showdown Preview!!!
00:02:03 – Welcome to TWW Live!
00:02:38 – Thanks to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:04:35 – Today’s topic: Tape measures! Relative Dimensioning reference video
00:14:42 – Have you tried the FLAT measures from FastCap?
00:15:46 – What kind of project can I make with hand tools in a small area?
00:17:03 – 3 Month Challenge announcement!
00:17:30 – How an I tell when Rubio goes bad?
00:18:38 – How do you use your keyless chuck?
00:19:55 – My table saw is making a weird noise. Help!
00:21:09 – Nice shirt!
00:21:37 – Any advice on moving your shop?
00:22:08 – How often should I stop sharpening to flatten my stones?
00:23:36 – Would you consider a video on sharpening with Arkansas stones?
00:24:05 – How can I cut a panel that’s too wide for my crosscut sled to equal width?
00:25:40 – Do you raise or lower your standards when making furniture for yourself vs others?
00:27:05 – Do you have a Festool tape measure?
00:28:20 – What’s a good indication that it’s time to rotate your carbide tips?
00:29:42 – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
00:30:55 – Any teasers on upcoming topics for Friday videos?
00:33:53 – How can I keep my roundover bearing from leaving a mark?
00:35:25 – How can I attach a face vice to my workbench?
00:37:28 – What’s the difference between a 3mm and 5mm random orbit sander?
00:39:45 – What’s a good finish for pressure-treated pine?
00:40:37 – What’s a good sandable and paintable pore filler? Option 1 and Option 2
00:44:02 – Do you plan your day?
00:44:55 – How can I refinish my pine stair treads?
00:46:33 – Have you used Tried and True varnish?
00:50:44 – Is that the Millenium Falcon or the Enterprise behind you?

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