Marc’s Beagle Bark

00:01:02 – Welcome back to the WoodWhisperer Live Show
00:02:30 – Thank you to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:03:15 – New FREE guild project!
00:05:17 – How tight is tight enough for a router collet?
00:07:30 – Is Friday evening the new standard time?
00:08:30 – What are you drinking?
00:08:45 – How can I prevent snipe on a Dewalt 735?
00:10:49 – Are you going to post a video on blotch prevention?
00:13:42 – When using a smoothing plane, do you mill your parts to final thickness?
00:15:28 – Any experience with CMT products? What’s your saw blade of choice?
00:17:00 – Do you bottom out your router bits in the collet?
00:18:25 – Are you going to do more beginner to intermediate build projects?
00:20:48 – What are your main requirements when looking at dust collection systems?
00:23:45 – What’s the best for a wide panel alignment? Dowels, biscuits…?
00:25:08 – How can I motivate myself to do my projects?
00:27:00 – How can I remove left/right snipe from my planer?
00:28:28 – Just finished my Roubo build! Great project!
00:29:08 – What’s a good hand plane for shooting boards and finesse work?
00:30:07 – How did you come up with the numbers for the spacers for the miter station project?
00:32:25 – Why did my panel glue-up cup after planing?
00:34:58 – Do you still like your Veritas PMV-11 chisels?
00:36:05 – Was there an issue with the audio from the last podcast?
00:38:34 – Does “clear vertical grain” mean quarter sawn grain?
00:39:30 – Is Jory’s Bozely stool still going to be a guild project?
00:40:45 – Is there a rule of thumb for leaving a joint tight vs allowing for expansion?
00:43:00 – What would make a router bit get stuck in the collet?
00:44:40 – Would you put birdseye maple through a planer?
00:46:05 – Are you familiar with Wera screwdrivers?

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