Ava for the Win! – The Wood Whisperer

00:00:38 – Welcome back to the WoodWhisperer Live Show
00:01:02 – Thank you to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:01:25 – Pantry project preview
00:03:40 – Are you going to anchor the pantry?
00:06:17 – Why do the drawer bottoms look darker?
00:07:10 – Is there just airflow in the front of the bottom drawer?
00:08:35 – Are there fluorescent wood finishes?
00:09:29 – Do you ever work the sole on a brand new plane?
00:12:58 – Are you going to build a table for your Recteq?
00:16:28 – How can I strip and redo my painted wooden deck?
00:17:54 – What’s the best way to keep a floating tabletop from bowing?
00:20:13 – Why doesn’t commercial-made furniture have to worry about wood movement?
00:21:30 – Do you have an opinion on the Beadlock system?
00:22:35 – Do you attach an exterior tabletop differently than an interior?
00:23:42 – How would you prevent rust when storing your cast iron tools for a couple of months?
00:25:21 – Is 5/16ths” hard maple too small for a display cabinet?
00:26:50 – What thickness is your T1-11 panel?
00:27:45 – Any thoughts on Andy Klein’s new drill press fence?
00:29:45 – What plane is just behind you?
00:33:35 – Have you heard any scuttlebutt about the Harvey table saws?
00:36:50 – Where do you get your stock?
00:40:15 – Any word on your Festool sander repair?
00:40:50 – What’s the deal with three-phase power?
00:42:18 – What’s your watering stone preference?
00:45:10 – Should I run my 2 HP table saw as 110 or 220?
00:47:43 – Systainer winner! Congratulations!

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