Hang On, I’m Making a Thumbnail | TWW Live

00:00:42 – Welcome back to the Wood Whisperer Live Show
00:01:03 – Thank you to all who watch!
00:01:48 – Thank you to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:02:35 – New video Friday!
00:06:20 – New mugs are in stock!
00:07:35 – Guild scholarship announcement
00:08:34 – Sign up for the Wood Whisperer newsletter
00:09:20 – Powermatic sweepstakes!
00:10:09 – How can I secure something like [picture] to the wall?
00:12:25 – What is the dinosaur comic in the background?
00:13:19 – Will this cutting board [picture included] explode with movement?
00:16:40 – Can you make your own furniture finish sous-vide style?
00:19:43 – Can I put a film finish over a waxed surface?
00:21:30 – Can you darken cherry plywood?
00:24:53 – Can you list estimated project time completion on guild projects?
00:26:22 – What’s the BAN hammer?
00:27:07 – Are square or round dog holes better?
00:28:28 – Do you have any recommendations for a drum sander?
00:30:17 – How can I fix turned, laminated legs that are splitting?
00:33:09 – How long can you leave finish in a spray gun before it’s an issue?
00:34:40 – Are you ever going to produce CNC content?
00:36:36 – Where do you buy your screws?
00:37:30 – Are guild projects good for brand new woodworkers?
00:40:00 – Are there any new techniques or tools that you’re excited about?
00:41:54 – Any strategies for complicated glue-ups?
00:43:30 – Do you ever get analysis paralysis at certain points of projects?
00:45:03 – How can you use the whole bottle of CA glue?
00:46:25 – How can I keep my brick-sided shop cooler?
00:47:37 – Can I add water if my Titebond III is starting to get thick?
00:48:13 – What do you do for your shop lighting?
00:52:17 – Why do I get a white spot when I put a hot plate on it?
00:57:10 – Mug giveaway! Congratulations!

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